#TADF Training Booking Terms & Conditions

Training Delivery

All training is via zoom. Please let us know if you have any specific needs such as subtitles.

Training force majeure incidents

If for some reason the training must be delayed during the day e.g., because of technical issues, then we will continue and try and catchup the time during the day. If it goes beyond the scheduled time, then you can catchup on the recording.

Cancelled training

If for some reason the training must be cancelled, then you will automatically be booked on to the next identical training. You may request a refund if you prefer or view a previous identical event recording.


While we don’t offer refunds for training once booked, we will use reasonable endeavours to offer you a place (if available) on a future event or a prerecording of training. The same applies if you have internet connectivity issues.


Recordings are made available for convenience for 30 days after the event. If for some reason you have a not been able to view the recording within 30 days, we will offer it for a further 10 days on request. Please note recordings may be of an identical equivalent event.

Student support

We have never had the need to ask anyone to seek further development or support rather than continue our training. If this occurs, please take this as a way of kindness and fairness to you and the group. We will refund you the course cost.