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About this course

  • 7.5 Hours

Neurodivergence in Therapeutic Practice 101 | Online Sat 27th April 24 10am to 4.30pm

With PLAYBACK RECORDING (Except 1 hour group supervision)

This one day workshop is for any practitioner interested in meeting the needs of neurodivergent clients.


Neurodiversity 101 covers the key principles of neurodiversity and working neuro-affirmatively in mental health and counselling practice. The course is interactive, with plenty of opportunities to learn through peer discussion and practical, thought provoking activities, and ideas for practitioners to implement in their own practice/service.  

Learning aims/themes
1) Understanding the key terms, language and concepts around neurodiversity and neurodivergence
2) Historical and current models of understanding and working with neurodivergence
3) Developing neuro-aware reflexive practice
4) Supporting clients who want to be assessed for autism, ADHD or specific learning difficulties (and barriers)
5) Ableism, masking and internalised ableism and neuro-normativity

The course is led by Liz Smith and Natalie Kennedy, both neurodivergent therapists and supervisors. The third session of the training will be a group supervision (not recorded) where students can bring cases they are working with to the group and be supported in clinical thinking and adapting practice around neurodivergent client work. 

Neurodiversity 101 is an introduc

The workshop will be part taught and part experiential, using breakout groups to explore our own experiences and to learn from one another. Please be prepared to participate in discussions.


Any psychological practitioner such as counsellors, psychotherapists, coaches, wellbeing practitioners and psychologists. It is also suitable for trainees. 

What's included?

Access to online Recording (180 days)


About #TADF

#TADF is a network of psychological practitioners who work with individuals, institutions and training providers to embed anti-discrimination practice into their cirriculum and organisation.


Liz Smith

TADF Neurodivergence Training Instructor

Liz Smith (she/her) is an integrative psychotherapist, clinical supervisor, trainer and lecturer in counselling and psychotherapy. Director of Free2BMe, specialists in neurodiversity training and support for counsellors and therapists working with neurodivergent client populations. Specialist in working with late identified neurodivergent adults.


“This was a seamlessly run, exceptional training. I don't think that you could've done any better. I am still processing the day's contents but I know that I will be able to access the information when I am in sessions because this has happened after the previous course.(It is embodied learning.) I thought that the structure and organisation of the course material was really well thought out; the start of the course was really powerful and the way that you interwove the case study and built in the role play really helped my learning. I would enrol for a two day course specifically with TADF as I know how exceptional the training is. Thank you for an excellent but sadly much needed day. ”


“Excellent course. Good pre course prep. Liked the presenters. Loved the authenticity of trainers. Engaging material. I think you delivered a full programme you presented it in such a way that it was art he same time challenging and gentle . Worked well together informative and a variety of teaching methods.”


“I’ve taken so much learning from the course, including of course a greater awareness of race based trauma and stress through the modules. I feel I can better support my clients as a result. I am glad I have access to the recording as I feel I will need to rewatch and revisit to consolidate the learning and think the platform is a great resource.”